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What Not to Do When Traveling Abroad - Or How to Avoid Those Facepalm Moments

By February 18, 2013

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When you're traveling, a big part of enjoying yourself is knowing how to avoid major faux pas and get on with the locals


I once had a visitor who posted 100 Christmas cards home to the USA from London...with American stamps. I was too late to stop her as I saw the flash of a US postage stamp on the last card disappear into the mailbox.  She was astonished that they would not be delivered without British postage - especially as she had brought the stamps with her, all the way from home in the American Midwest, just to post her holiday cards from London.

Because those of us in English speaking countries share so much history and culture, North American visitors sometimes forget that the UK is a European country with a whole set of customs, cultural differences, and rules of social behaviour.

You'll have a better time, meet more people, make fewer faux pas and have fewer hassles altogether  if you take the time to learn a little about those differences.  It's a good idea to know about what not to do - those Things Never to Do in the United Kingdom -  as well as some things you should do, like  How to Order a Beer in a Pub (not as easy as you might think).

What NOT to do in the rest of the world

If you're traveling further afield, to places where customs and taboos are even more different, knowing a few dos and don'ts for your destination can make your travels much more pleasant.  To help you, Susan Breslow Sardone, About.com honeymoon guide,  has polled all the guides in the About.com Travel Channel for their ideas about what not to do in their cities and countries.  She's pulled them all together in what we call a blog carnival called Don't Do That! with tips and pointers from our experts worldwide.

Here you'll find:

and lots more.

Before you plan your next vacation - at home OR abroad, check out this expert advice from  About.com's Travel Experts.

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